WATCH POWATalks #1 – The Essential Importance of Upland Swamps, with Dr Tanya Mason

Did you know? Coastal upland swamps are linchpins in essential ecosystem functions and biodiversity conservation. Dr Tanya Mason talks in this presentation about essential importance of upland swamps to the Sydney-Illawarra Water catchments. They capture and store rainwater, then release water slowly as base flow in dry periods. They level out storm hydrographs and extract excess nutrients in turn supporting and protecting Sydney’s potable water supply. Swamps capture large amounts of carbon through the accumulation of humus and peat and support unique biodiversity.

Long-wall mining dries out and reduces the biodiversity of upland swamps. There is no evidence that swamps ever recover. There are no known methods of rehabilitation. The best way to protect these crucial water capturing ecosystems is to stop long-wall mining.

A series of bite-sized talks with leading researchers on the wonders of the Greater Sydney water catchment and why it’s worth protecting.

We acknowledge the land that we live, work and join together to protect is stolen land. We pay our respects to elders past and present, and stand in solidarity with Dharawal, Yuin, Wodi Wodi and all First Nations people fighting for justice and self-determination.

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