POWATalks #2 and #3

POWAtalks #2 is coming up on May 4th at 7pm, via Zoom! This time we’ll be learning about some fascinating creatures of the Greater Sydney Water Catchment from Dr Ian Wright and Tom Kristensen.

Ian is a science communicator, researcher and senior lecturer in Western Sydney University’s School of Science. His research interests include freshwater ecology, as well as water science and management. Ian will be sharing with us his knowledge of frogs in the water catchment, and how mining impacts their capacity to thrive.

Tom studied ecology and now does inspiring work as a ‘citizen scientist’, surveying koalas in Heathcote National Park. We will be learning from Tom about the under-researched koala population in our catchment, and why it’s so important to protect this vital habitat.

We look forward to seeing you there! Register for POWATalks #2 here.

May 17th, 7pm – What would sustainable water infrastructure look like? with Dr Stuart Khan

In this third talk of the POWAtalks series we are joined by Dr Stuart Khan, a Professor at the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UNSW, who will be sharing his knowledge on sustainable water infrastructure, and why maintaining a healthy, thriving catchment is so important.

Register for POWAtalks #3 here.

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